Instruments of Hope

The St. Francis Sculpture Garden for Prayer and Meditation at Marywood

David Willis



David was born in England and emigrated to Canada where he resided for the next 28 years mostly in Toronto. It was in Canada that David met his wife Susan who was originally from Grand Rapids. Family ties pulled Susan back to her hometown and 13 years ago David became a resident of West Michigan. He and his wife live on the NE side not far from Susan's family roots.

Upon joining the International Finance Team at Amway, David travelled to many countries sometime for extended periods.  During this time he worked in Europe, many Asian countries as well as Africa; in all a great experience in meeting and working with people of different backgrounds and cultures. 

Educated in the British school system he later took courses sponsored by the Society of Industrial Accountants in Canada. More recently David completed Grand Valley's Seidman College course in financial planning.  He is also a Michigan State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.  The latter has created a strong advocate for creating a garden of naturally occurring Michigan Native plants.

David currently works as a financial advisor to individuals on a personal basis, as well as to medium and small sized companies. Years of experience in financial roles taught the values of being analytical, forthright and compassionate; traits that are useful to Instruments of Hope as they set about being worthy custodians of donors' gifts and keeping the faith that has been placed in them.