Stick with Francis

Let St. Francis lighten your (spiritual) load

Introducing the new "Stick with Francis" walking/meditation program from Saint Francis Sculpture Garden.

Be on the lookout! There are a growing number of tagged "Stick with Francis" walking sticks showing up around Grand Rapids, MI! We invite you to take a stick with you on your walk or hike! No need to show ID or check the stick out. Find a stick? Simply pick it up and take it with you for your day's journey, and enjoy the support - both physically and spiritually - that you may need on this day. When you are done with your stick, drop it off anywhere for the next walker, hiker, or adventurer! Welcome the energy of St. Francis the moment you touch a dedicated walking stick, and feel his loving presence accompanying you wherever you go!

How the program works - It's EASY!
  1. Locate a St. Francis walking stick at one of the locations listed below.
  2. Scan the QR code with your phone, which will always bring you right here to this page.
  3. Walk anywhere! Enjoy a jaunt around Grand Rapids, or neighboring towns, take a hike on the White Pine Trail, go to the zoo, walk the beaches of Lake Michigan. Take the stick anywhere with you!
  4. Pray, meditate, play, laugh, rest... Wherever you are, enjoy the energy of Francis that your special walking stick has been blessed with. Even if you are alone, your not alone with your St. Francis walking stick! Think of your stick as a sort of silent "friend" accompanying you as you ask for guidance, or feel gratitude, or pray for a loved one.
  5. At the end of your day's journey, simply bring your stick to St. Francis of Assisi Sculpture Garden, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while you're here! Can't make it to the gardens? No worries! You may leave your stick anywhere - against a tree in the woods, back at the location you found it, at the bottom of a steep set of stairs so the next person lucky enough to find the stick has a little added support going up.
  6. Have fun with where you take your stick and leave your stick! Take photos on your walk and submit them below letting us know where you were and where you left your stick for the next recipient! We will post your approved photos here, and let others know where they "might" find a walking stick! That is if they get there before another "Stick with Francis" walker gets there first!
Current St. Francis Walking Stick Locations

Check back here and on our Facebook page for updates to walking stick locations! 





Send in Your St. Francis Walk Photos!

Tell us where you walked with St. Francis and share a little about your story! You may end up featured on an upcoming SFSG blog post!

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